PL/PB (Private Label/Private Brand)

Since trading and private brands in Europe have an average market share of 50%, with increasing tendency, they are a crucial business model.

We offer support for the production, as well as all-in-one solutions: ranging from the development of the product to a complete marketing service range.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing Business)

Production for renowned European companies

Profitable business based on the reputation of partners` brands

Benefits generated through the combination of Asian manufacturing technology with European selling experience


Raw materials from all over the world are delivered directly from manufacturers to Europe.

Direct delivery and vending to the manufacturing industries in Germany and Europe and memberships in the industrial, business and trade association enable a good access.

  • Sourcing of raw materials.
  • Personal contact to the industrial manufacturing companies.
  • Direct delivery and vending to the manufacturing industries in Europe.
  • Our memberships of the industrial, business, and trade association enable an excellent access.


Sophisticated methods of market analysis for an ideal selection of educational and smart brands, that are perfectly adapted to the European market.

A fair and exclusive contract for NB products in order to grant a maximum range of brand operation, to strengthen the NB for fair trade and creating a win-win situation.

Targeted adaption of products and distribution channels in domestic and regional markets, while considering the technical and linguistic requirements of each territory.

Optimizing the marketing resources mobilized for each channel, goal-directed promotion and merchandising, facilitating an ideal positioning of the product.

Ensuring business success through general merchandise management as well as regular and sustainable brand management.

Development and distribution of NB in Europe and Asia

Further Business Cooperations

We offer a variety of services, ranging from investments, development and consulting to distribution and logistic services.

Furthermore for a solution-driven master plan as the basis of a successful business, we offer:

– Cooperation with the agencies

– Individual consulting models