• Becoming permanent supplier of Kaufland
  • Becoming permanent supplier of Coop
  • Promotion campaign with “Netto Marken Discount”

  • Further expansion of Glasslock businesses
  • Distribution to professional shops in Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Iceland, Lithuania
  • Becoming permanent supplier of some retailers in several countries
  • Launching Glasslock products on Amazon Italy, Spain and UK
  • Development of a new premium brand called “CandL”
  • Registration of “CandL” as an European brand
  • Beginning distribution of items with “CandL”-branding in middle Europe

  • First Launch of Glasslock at Aldi North Group, Metro Group and partner in Auchan Group, Carrefour Group
  • First Promotion at Kaufland, Schwarz Group.
  • First Promotion at El Corte Ingles.
  • Glasslock Distribution in France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark and Romania
  • Launching Glasslock products on Amazon Germany and France
  • Cooperation with leading home shopping channels including products on air in 2013
  • Home & Cook Stores (SEB Groupe) across Europe And many more

  • Start of the collaboration with Glasslock
  • Signing contract for exclusive distribution of Glasslock products in Europe
  • Collaboration with SMS Demag
  • Distribution of Glasslock in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Sourcing for innovative products from Asia to distribute in Europe
  • Exclusive distributorship for Germany with CHIMEI
  • Exclusive distributorship for Germany and distribution agreement for EU 5 (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain) with SamKwang, one of the biggest glass manufacturers in Asia
  • Cooperation with CHOISTEC in Europe
  • Distributor agreement with Herlag (Germany) for Korea, Japan and Vietnam
  • Distributor agreement with Kettler (Germany) for Japan and other Asian countries
  • Business Development and consulting for LG Electronics (Smart TV)

  • Sourcing for innovative products from Korea to distribute in Europe
  • Business Development, Sourcing and Consulting for OBIGO
  • Distribution and sales of innovative consumer products from Europe to Asia (f.e. Korea, Japan, Vietnam, …)
  • Earnest Business in Asia with a focus on South Korea, Taiwan and Japan
  • Nano Silver business in Europe
  • Earnest Organic Distribution Business
    Officially Recognized Organic Distributor in Europe
    Biorna Korea Trademark Application
    Businesses Adjustment (retail, trade and technology division)

  • Organic Retail Division launched
  • Consulting for Hyundai (Technology)
  • Development of Organic and Natural integrated Brand Biorna
  • Business Development and Sales for GloMind (Mobile)

  • Consulting and QM for LG Mobile
  • C&L INT GmbH renamed
    Completed development Biorna and European Trademark Application
  • Consulting for Thyssen Krupp
  • Consulting for WABS, Techno Moblie, etc.

  • K-mall online Shopping for sale
    (Management reform and expanding business sector)

  • Aircraft Catering Asian Food Supply Business

  • The first Asian Internet shopping mall K-mall launched in Europe (Handling for food and non-food, manufactured goods and other household goods

  • C&L Europe e.K (Officially registered with the local distribution business in Germany)

  • C&L founded