Welcome to C&L

I am very pleased to present our C&L INT GmbH to you.
C&L INT GmbH, headquartered in Aachen (Germany), is a leading company responsible for distribution, marketing, trading and global sourcing including technology across all sectors between the two important continents: Europe and Asia.

Our employees are from over 7 different countries and are all experts in their respective areas. Adapted to the cultural differences and market conditions, we guarantee the best care and handling of transactions. Direct contacts with most retailers and other distribution channels in the six leading countries of Europe and Asia allow our partners easy entry of new brands and products in the markets.

The philosophy of our company is based on a long-term partnership with the values of "Fair Trade" and "Win-Win". Through flexibility and innovation, we strive constantly for higher goals.

The division for BIO and organic products was founded in 2008. Within two years the brand "Biorna" was developed, uniting all Bio and organic products. Our “Biorna” brand fullfils the high german quality standards which are internationally approved.

Aachen, January 2012, CEO Tay-Hoa Choi